Check Engine Light

check engineIt is easy to ignore your check engine light because you may think it is not a big problem because your automobile is still running.  This could start off as something minor but if left unattended to it could lead to major problems.  When your check engine light comes on it is time to call Northboro Car Care and schedule your appointment.  We are the experts in checking and diagnosing your automobile’s needs.

All modern vehicles are equipped with an on-board computer diagnostic system (OBDII) that is always monitoring your vehicle. We have the right equipment that can retrieve your vehicles codes and diagnose the problem and get your back on the road in no time.

Some of the common check engine light issues are listed below:

  • Loose Gas Cap
  • O2 Sensor needs replacing
  • Knock sensor Circuit malfunction
  • Problem with MAF Sensor
  • Catalytic Converter need replacing
  • System running too lean
  • Cylinder misfile
  • Spark Plugs Need Replacing
  • Insufficient EGR
Paul D'Anello
Paul D'Anello
08:57 20 Oct 16
Tony quickly diagnosed a repair on my car that all the big box repair shops (NTB, Sears, Meineke, etc.) failed to do and wanted to charge me for guesswork and unnecessary repairs. His quality workmanship is far superior compared to the inexperienced labor you get at those retailers. And the best part is his hourly labor rate is 1/2 of what anyone else charges. For quality honest work, look no further!
Michele chapdelaine
Michele chapdelaine
14:12 19 Dec 15
Tony and his team always provide professional, high quality service. Cars are always done on time and running perfectly. He is honest and stands by his work. Not to mention very fair pricing. Thanks Tony!
Lori G
Lori G
01:56 29 Oct 15
I have been taking my cars to Northboro Car Care for 9 years and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. I live in CT and commute to work everyday so I need my car and I can always count on Tony, Francois and George to do a great job!! They are honest and fair and they treat you like family!
Annmarie Vermes
Annmarie Vermes
21:33 28 Oct 15
The Northboro Car Care crew: Tony, Francois, and George are experienced, honest, reliable, automotive engineers. They are not your average mechanics, they are highly experienced within all makes and models. I have taken many cars to them where dealerships had advised expensive repairs, and the team has offered quality, cost effective alternatives. The team is extremely responsive, and makes every effort to get the job done in a quick and timely manner. I have confidently recommended the team to co-workers and family members who have been so pleased with their services and quality of work that they too Northboro Car Care life-long partners.
Chuck Lundberg
Chuck Lundberg
15:55 16 Oct 15
Honest Professional Service. Top notch skilled mechanics who explain what your car needs in a language anyone can understand. Work done quickly and at a fair price.
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